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The PTSD Toolkit

The Workshop

Mental health is a key issue flagged by both provincial and federal correctional ministries. The number of offenders, adult and youth, experiencing serious mental health issues continues to rise annually. A large majority of the people we work with have experienced trauma and struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. Often their symptoms and subsequent challenging behaviours are exacerbated by the criminal justice experience. Although PTSD is an issue all on its own, it is also an underlying contributor to substance abuse and the risk of relapse. Effectively treating trauma enhances an individual's ability to acquire and maintain recovery, engage in positive relationships and live healthy lifestyles within the community. The PTSD Toolkit provides a foundation for understanding the symptoms and impact of trauma within a correctional context and provides brief, concrete skills that can be utilized in any setting (institution, office, home visit) to enhance coping and lower risk.

What Attendees are Saying

  • "The specific approaches and concrete examples that were provided are highly applicable to our work."
  • "I liked how you were able to speak meaningfully to people from various disciplines."
  • "These tools will be invaluable in my work."

The Trainer
Heather Kerr holds a BA in Psychology/Law & Criminology and a Masters of Social Work Degree. She has over 25 years' experience, specializing in addictions, concurrent disorders and PTSD. She has worked extensively in provincial and federal corrections. Heather teaches at Conestoga College and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Heather has been the Executive Director of Stonehenge Therapeutic Community for over 13 years. Heather designed and implemented programming for trauma survivors at Grand Valley Institution for Women. She has provided training for Correctional Services Canada as well as various halfway houses across Ontario. Heather often tailors training specifically to meet the needs of CRFs with high risk offenders. Heather also completes organizational program audits; most recently for E. Fry Greater Vancouver (Women's Residential Program) and E. Fry of Peel Halton (Open Custody Youth Facility).





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