Stonehenge Therapeutic Community
Stonehenge Therapeutic Community
60 Westwood Rd, Guelph, Ontario  N1H 7X3

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About Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community offers a long-term, intensive treatment program (4-6 months) for people whose lives have been devastated by alcohol and drug abuse, and whose reality includes the fractured relationships, derailed careers and encounters with the legal system that so often result. Many of our clients are veterans of other less intensive programs – none of which have produced long-lasting results.

At Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, our members, our staff and our alumni comprise a supportive therapeutic community in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where profound and enduring change can and does occur.

What makes us different? Our clients say it best:

We uncover and address the roots of our members’ addictions:
“The length of this program gives us enough time to get comfortable, talk about the past, elicit the negative emotions, and deal with them in a healthy manner.”

We recognize the sensitivity of that challenge and let our clients know they’re not alone:
“I feel safe knowing that I have the supervision and support of staff 24 hours a day”

We teach new skills:
“We’re taught and encouraged to deal with challenges positively and effectively. “

We provide a real-life opportunity to practice new behaviours:
“In its essence, Stonehenge is a microcosm of the communities in which we’ve struggled. This creates an opportunity to interact pro-socially within a safe environment.”

We stress individual responsibility:
“Stonehenge taught me that I am responsible for my behaviours and that I must take ownership for the things I do.”

We support our clients when they stumble:
“Mistakes are looked on as challenges.”

We celebrate their success:
“The Friday Recognition Awards promote confidence and self-esteem.”

We help restore dignity and self-respect:
“Stonehenge is a nurturing and caring facility that promotes healthy lifestyles, re-instills confidence, hope and self-esteem.”

We enable clients to become citizens who are able to contribute to their community - many of them for the first time ever:
“Finishing the program gives you a sense of accomplishment. No longer will you walk looking at the ground, but with your head held high and proud”


Stonehenge Therapeutic Community
60 Westwood Rd
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 7X3

(519) 837-1470
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